Great Barrier Reef

Dreamtime Travellers Rest  Cairns gate way to the..

Great Barrier Reef  is famous for having some of the best dive sights in the World is by far the biggest attraction in Cairns. There are numerous dive operators offering every thing from small sailing personalised one day trips, to multi-day live-aboard trips out to the furthest reaches of the reef islands  & Coral Sea.

1Day Snorkel/ dive trips to the Outer Reef  from only $99 on Compass 

Ocean freedom $195 our price, A well rounded day with fish Feed, Glass Bottom View, Guided Snorkel, Small group Diving and assistance for non-swimmers.                  

Tusa Dive T6  Perfect for experienced divers and snorkellers with two pure outer reef locations, first time divers welcome too.

Down under Dive $159 Budget Conscious Osprey V departs Cairns daily offering a fast, comfortable and affordable cruise

 Cairns Dive Centre $149  full day snorkel trip aboard  Reef kist

Deep Sea Divers Den $119 special  luxury vessel SeaQuest offers fantastic value for money.

Reef Experience $185  Two locations are chosen daily from sites across four of the very best Outer Great Barrier Reefs.

Get High Package $259   includes snorkel, lunch, 1 x  intro or cert dive plus a 10 minute Helicopter ride over the reef  wow.

Snorkel Island 1 Day Trips

Ocean free. $195  Real Sailing with a small group, Snorkel thru Coral Gardens, Relax on lush Green Island, Specialists in first time diving.great barrier reef

Big Cat to Green Island 1 day $86

Passions of Paradise $159  A stylish, fast and modern catamaran, taking you to the best reefs and to Michaelmas  cay.

Day Tripper $139 Friendly relaxed atmosphere.  Maximum of 20 passengers.

Dive 2 days 1 night only $330 Rum Runner includes 6 dives Take your time and explore the Reef in more detail. The early morning, late afternoon and evening sessions on the great barrier reef are amazing with the best conditions.

Scuba Dive courses Learn to Dive schools great barrier reef

Down Under Dive  budget course 4 days   from  $520

Pro dive 5 Days our price $905 Divers have the opportunity for up to 11 dives with 2 night dives.  Visit multiple outer reef locations. Choose from a 4 or 5 day course with the option of staying overnight on the Outer Reef to really practice your new skills underwater.

You have nice time to relax and meet other like minded travelers in between dive and snorkel sessions.

 Over night barrier  and ribbon reefs , Cod Hole and Coral Sea..  Our Liveaboard caters for Snorkellers, Certified and Introductory divers.           great barrier reef

Deep Sea Divers Den 2 days  1 night or 3days 2 nights With daily departures we offer flexible itineraries from one night trips to multiple night trips on the Outer Great Barrier Reef.