Dreamtime Hostel eco

 Clean, Green and Sustainable.

We are passionate about our businesses social and environmental responsibility by doing our best to reduce harm to the planet and conduct business for the better good of all.
We would like to share with you some of the actions we undertake at dreamtime to support this ethos. We encourage you to be a part of this belief by helping us keep our global village clean, green and sustainable.

At Dreamtime we practise the following methods to

 Helping reduce our carbon footprint and Energy consumption

Water heaters  

To help reduce our energy consumption we have installed energy efficient hot water heaters (heat pumps) which reduce the amount of power used by 70%.

Solar power from the sun 

We have installed  64 solar panels on all three  building that generates power from the sun during the day 90% is used daily the other  10% is fed into the local electricity grid to reduce our total consumption by a half .

Air conditioners 

Coin operated timers for the air conditioners have been installed to keep the room rate low and encourage an optional user pay system.


We use energy efficient  LED bulbs  wherever possible. Night and security lights are set on motion sensor timers.
Whilst housekeeping the linen is line dried to reduce power from dryers.

Peace and harmony

A vibrational key has been installed as a energy technique to distribute peace and harmony throughout Dreamtime.

Waste management 


We have four waste deposit stations where you can help to reduce, reuse and recycle. All bins are clearly marked for easy distribution. Aluminium cans are recycled and funds collected are donated to local sporting groups. We regularly deposit green waste at the local council facility. We are proud to reduce our overall waste to landfill.

Water consumption

We are currently researching efficient methods to harvest valuable rainwater for use in the pool.
Toilets have half and full flush mechanisms to reduce water consumption.

There is a free filtered water dispenser  in reception for all guests to fill their water bottles and  to reduce the waste of plastic.

Wherever possible we use environmentally sensitive cleaning products.

Conservation volunteer work

Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre…  https://www.cairnsturtlerehab.org

Volunteering can bring some amazing experiences and knowing that all the time you are helping to protect marine turtles just makes it that more worthwhile.  The Centre is entirely run by volunteers who generously donate their time to care for the turtles, maintain the centre and raise funds for maintenance and ongoing operations. If you would like to get involved please email them on info@cairnsturtlerehab.org


Treeforce is a a hands-on not-for-profit community tree planting group in Cairns supported by Cairns Regional Council. The volunteer association is busy revegetating trees at various sites around Cairns.

Here are someEco Friendly Tips for Travellers 

Switch off the air con, light and fans when not required.
Whenever suitable open the windows to circulate fresh air.
Avoid plastic bags.
Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
Use a wooden toothbrush.
Recycle internet cards.
Return unused brochures to office to redistribute.
Flat batteries can be deposited at reception for recycling.
Any unwanted clothing or items can be added to our collection for regular donation to local charity shops.
Buy locally grown, fresh foods from Rustys market Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Use a refillable water bottle to avoid plastic waste.
Use water level low or high when washing clothes in machines to reduce water consumption.
Take shorter showers to save water.


 Every week we have fund raising BBQ evenings to raise much needed funds for Cairns based charities to help those less fortunate and in need.