The Dreamtime Story

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The Dreamtime Story


Once upon a time the there were two independent Travellers. One named Steve from Northern Ireland and one named Sally from North England.

Now Steve was a seasoned Traveller and had many interesting and inspiring stories of adventures and far off lands. One day in 1987 whilst quietly writing postcards in a YHA diner in San Diego he turned to a girl in the booth next to him to ask what the date was.

In that instant, there was a connection. They spent hours sharing conversation and that evening whilst saying goodbye to each other in the corridor of the hostel they vowed to meet early the next morning to catch a bus to the border of Mexico.

After a month of amazing travel moments through Mexico they returned to San Diego and took the next step on their journey together to New Zealand. They canoed through national parks, went black water rafting in the unexplored Waitomo caves and camped under the stars.
The world was their oyster!

The young couple lived to travel during those early years of their romance. They spent time living and working in Australia always with the intention of saving for the next journey on the wish list.

Just before they were ready to embark on an anticipated leg of the journey Sally unexpectedly fell pregnant. Within a week they packed up and headed off on the original planned route. The hugely anticipated two-year plan was to be cut short to accommodate a break in the UK for the arrival of their first child.

“Over 28 years later the success of Dreamtime has to be attributed to the many travellers, friends, family and helpers that have contributed their hard work and passion to travel.”

The overland Asian trip was everything they had anticipated and more, they hiked through the Indonesian Islands, hitchhiked in Malaysia and took bamboo rafts in Thailand.
Carefully taking the last possible flight from the Philippines to Hong Kong at almost 7 months pregnant they travelled through China, Russia and finally Eastern Europe to arrive home to their families in time for the birth of Sorcha their first daughter.

Whilst enjoying a driving holiday through the countryside of Ireland they stayed in some of the most unique independent hostels they had ever come across.
It was then that they were inspired to dream about one day opening their own home for Travellers.

They realised it was important for their baby to grow fit and strong but still the restless legs would not leave their thoughts. After a 6 month stay, it was time to put on the backpacks and once again head onto the exciting and unknown road of travel. This time they were accompanied by their beautiful 6-month-old baby. She was fortunate to join them on camel treks in India and take her first steps in Nepal then onwards to Thailand and finally Australia.


Shortly after arriving whilst driving overland in a Kombi van the young family found a dilapidated, old Queenslander property on the wrong side of the railway tracks in the City of Cairns. With determination, hard work and much love they set to work on the restoration and transformation of the building with the vision of a haven for Travellers just like themselves from all over the world.

From the love of travel the Dreamtime Story began. The success of Dreamtime has allowed Sally and Steve to travel again and in some cases retrace their steps. This has taken them to many places and over the past few years and the opportunity to revisit some of the most beautiful countries on our planet.


Happy Travels,

With Thanks,

Sally and Steve Douglas.

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