10 Tips to Eco Conscious Sustainable Travel


We are proud to share that at Dreamtime, We value all our guests and the earth! We continue to work towards a more ethical and sustainable future for all humans, animals and plants.

We know it can get easy to drop back into old bad habits when travelling as you take you to relax and visit new places. With this guide on ECO Conscious Sustainable Travel tips we would love to encourage you to stay diligent and continue to respect yourself, others and the planet by practising as many eco-friendly habits as possible!


Would you like to:

Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
Support local families and people
Provide positive experiences for guests and host
Provides financial benefits for conservation

Then keep reading…

Here are 10 useful tips to help you save money and save the Earth!

Reusable water bottles

Plastic bottles take 1000’s of years to break down and are ending up in our beautiful oceans. Instead of buying plastic water bottles and creating more plastic waste, consider buying and using a resizable water bottle whenever possible.

Take care of your waste

This one seems obvious, however, a great way to show respect to the locals and the place you are visiting is to take care of your trash. Why not even leave the place in better condition than when you arrived? Maybe engage in your own personal beach clean up, or even help plant some trees.

Opt for digital instead of paper

Probably one of the easiest sustainable travel tips you can easily implement every day for the rest of your life. Everything is going digital these days and it’s easy to find everything you need on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Reusable bags for shopping

It certainly takes a little bit more planning, but rewards with so much more fulfilment knowing that you are helping reduce single-use plastic to landfills and the ocean. There is always more room to improve on reducing our plastic consumption and using reusable bags is a great place to start.

Support Local Eco-friendly businesses

By staying at Dreamtime you are contributing and supporting a local family business and helping young children go to school and continue their education at University. There is an abundance of ethical, sustainable business who are also eco-friendly and doing their part to help save the earth. Ask our staff on how you can support more eco-conscious businesses.

Fly less

This will be a challenging one for most, especially if your passion is travelling. I also personally fly a lot, but aeroplanes do a lot of damage to the environment and atmosphere. Slow travel will help you fly less. Maybe try bus or train or even hitchhiking.

Turn off lights and Air Con

You can save a lot of electricity by simply turning off the lights in your rooms. At the hostel, we have a user pay system of $1 for 3-hour use on the air conditioners that are super easy to use and highly efficient in saving electricity. It also encourages our guests to be more conscious of how much air con they really need. A great system to be more sustainable.

Reuse your towels

Instead of washing your towels or even cloths after one single use, save on the washing, electricity and energy and reuse your towels and even clothing. I’m not implying that you wear smelly old clothing but usually you can get at least two uses for your towel.

Be conscious of animals

Wildlife can make your travel experience one of the most exciting moments of your trip. When you encounter an animal in their native habitat, its one of the most thrilling experiences you can have. In Tropical North Queensland, we are blessed with an abundance of wildlife that is under great threat. The biggest threat is human intervention from habitat loss. By being more conscious of animals we can live in a more harmonious existence with the animals that are here on earth living with us.

Eat fresh Local Organic Food

One of the best ways to be sustainable is to support farmers who are using sustainable practices to grow food. Eating local produce means you have to buy local, supporting local business and farmers. In Cairns Rusty’s market is a great place to meet local farmers and buy organic fresh fruits and vegetables.